Settlement Listing:

  State or Area Settlement Name Other Names County

"Winter Quarters"  by C. C. A. Christensen

As data is gathered information about settlements will be added and a page created for each one which will be linked to from this listing.

Settlement Area Maps

Nauvoo / Hancock County Area

Winter Quarters / Kanesville
Middle Missouri Valley Area


  Bear Creek Basco, Knowlton's Settlement Hancock
  Camp Creek   Hancock
  Carthage   Hancock
  Davis Mound   Hancock
  Fountain Green   Hancock
  Green Plains   Hancock
  Golden's Point   Hancock
  La Harpe   Hancock
  Lima   Adams
  Mormon Springs   Hancock
  Nauvoo   Hancock
  Plymouth   Hancock
  Pontoosuc   Hancock
  Ramus Macedonia or Webster Hancock
  Rocky Run   Hancock
  Shokoquon Shokokon Henderson
  Sonara   Hancock
  Stringtown   Hancock
  Warren   Hancock
  Yelrome Morley Town, Hancock Settlement, Tioga and Bear Creek Hancock
  Allred's Camp   Pottawattamie
  Ambrosia   Lee
  Austen   Fremont
  Barney's Grove   Harrison
  Bartlett Osage Fremont
  Bethlehem   Mills
  Big Grove   Pottawattamie
  Big Pigeon   Pottawattamie
  Big Spring   Pottawattamie
  Bigler's Grove   Harrison
  Boyou   Pottawattamie
  Brown's Grove Calhoun, Brown's Camp Harrison
  Browning Camp Big Bend Mills
  Bullock's Grove   Pottawattamie
  Bybee's Camp North Pigeon Pottawattamie
  California City   Mills
  Carterville   Pottawattamie
  Centerville   Pottawattamie
  Cooley's Camp   Pottawattamie
  Coonville Glenwood, Rushville Mills
  Council Point   Pottawattamie
  Crescent Brownell's Grove, Farmersville, Little Pigeon Pottawattamie
  Cutler's Camp Silver Creek Mills
  Dawsonburg   Fremont
  Deseret   Harrison
  Elk Grove   Harrison
  Farm Creek   Mills
  Farmersville   Pottawattamie
  Ferryville   Pottawattamie
  Florence   Mills
  Fort Madison   Lee
  Galland's Grove   Shelby
  Garden Grove    
  Grand Encampment   Pottawattamie
  Green Hollow   Fremont
  Harris Grove   Harrison
  Hamburg   Fremont
  Hazel Grove   Pottawattamie
  Highland Grove   Pottawattamie
  Honey Creek   Pottawattamie
  Hyde Park   Pottawattamie
  Indian Creek   Mills
  Indiantown   Cass
  Iranistan Cold Spring Cass
  Kanesville Council Bluffs, Miller's Hollow Pottawattamie
  Keg Creek   Pottawattamie
  Keokuk   Lee
  Leland's Grove   Harrison
  Little Mosquito Springville Pottawattamie
  Little Pigeon   Pottawattamie
  Lytle's Grove Little Sioux Harrison
  Macedonia   Pottawattamie
  Magnolia   Harrison
  Manti   Fremont
  McKissick Grove   Fremont
  McOlney's Camp   Pottawattamie
  Mecham   Lee
  Montrose   Lee
  Mosquito Creek   Pottawattamie
  Millville   Mills
  Mt. Pisgah    
  Mt. Scott   Pottawattamie
  Nashville Galland Lee
  Neola   Pottawattamie
  Old Agency   Mills
  Pacific City   Mills
  Pigeon Creek   Pottawattamie
  Pigeon Grove   Pottawattamie
  Pisgah   Harrison
  Pleasant Grove   Pottawattamie
  Pleasant Valley   Mills
  Plum Hollow   Fremont
  Point aux Poules Trader's Point, St. Francis Pottawattamie
  Pony Creek   Pottawattamie
  Preparation Canyon   Monona
  Rockford   Pottawattamie
  Sand Prairie   Lee
  Shelbyville   Shelby
  Shirt's Camp   Pottawattamie
  Siloam   Lee
  Silver City   Mills
  Six Mile Grove   Harrison
  South Augusta   Lee
  Stringtown   Pottawattamie
  Studyville   Fremont
  Tennessee Hollow   Harrison
  Twelve Mile Grove   Harrison
  Union   Pottawattamie
  Union Grove Unionville Harrison
  Wahagbonsy   Mills
  Walnut Grove   Pottawattamie
  Walker's Grove   Harrison
  Wheeler's Grove   Pottawattamie
  Woodbine   Harrison
  Zarahemla   Lee
  Cold Spring Camp    
  Cutler's Park   Douglas
  Elkhorn Camp    
  Summer Quarters    
  Winter Quarters Florence, Omaha Douglas
  Genoa Beaver Creek Decatur
  Pawnee Camp    
  Ponca Camp    

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