William Draper, Sr.

Male 1774 - 1854  (80 years)


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William Draper Sr. and Lydia Lathrop Pioneers from Canada

William Draper Sr. was born Sept. 6, 1774, the son of Thomas and Lydian Rogers Draper, in Wyoming, Susquannah Co., Pennsylvania. He was fond of reading the scriptures and was early convinced of the necessity of baptism for remission of sins. He desired to join a church that believed in such baptism, so he was baptized into the Baptist Church, which he considered as the best one according to his convictions at the time.

In 1796 he married Lydia Lathrop, daughter of Isaac and Lucy Pike Lathrop. She was the third great-granddaughter of Reverend John Lathrop who was exiled from England and came to America because of his break from the Church of England, for religious freedom, in 1623. (He was the common ancestor of such prominent church men as the Prophet Joseph Smith, Wilford Woodruff, Orson and Parley P. Pratt, Oliver Cowdery, Peter Newton, William Draper, Stillman Pond, and many others, even Franklin D. Roosevelt traces his ancestry back to this Lathrop.) She was born Nov. 5, 1775 in Norwich, New Haven, Conn.

A poem was written by a daughter of his son, Artemesia Anderson about the trip when William and Lydia moved to Canada.

There was a child born. He was William Draper Jr. He was the fifth child (although the poem mentions three earlier children) my grandfather, Zemira, was born Feb. 27, 1812.

After being in full Baptist membership for fifteen years, he began to be criticized for believing and teaching that the scriptures were to be understood in accordance to their obvious purport, that the prophecies in the Bible were going to be fulfilled, and that the Israelites would be gathered. He continued to believe as his conscience dictated, however.

Then in 1833 he heard Brigham Young preach Mormonism when he was on his Canadian mission. As soon as he heard it he recognized the truths that he had been searching for all his life, and asked for baptism. He was baptized and confirmed the 25th of March, 1833 by Brigham Young (and Joseph Young assisted in the confirmation). This was in the Township of Laborough, Canada. He was ordained to the priesthood in June 1833, and later in the same month he was ordained an Elder by the same Brigham young.

In 1835 he emigrated to Kirtland, Ohio, and in 1836 he went back to Canada on a mission in company with John E. Page where they baptized many persons and organized a large branch of the church, and in 1837 he was ordained a High Priest under the hands of Don Carlos Smith and his counselors.

On January 2, 1837 he joined with the other two thirds of the Saints forming the Kirtland Safety Society Anti-Banking Company.

On March 13, 1838 because according to the Church Journal History he as one of the Seventies that met to form the governing resolutions to rule them on the proposed move to Missouri. Each seventy listed the members of his respective family that would be going on the move. William Sr. listed two members

(Transcribed from PH-1, Pioneer History Room, Mormon Trail Center at Winter Quarters. Note: Text is transcribed as written with spelling corrected in brackets.)

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